Who am I, why am I here … and why have I had so many jobs?

Photo by author.

The tragic story of a beautiful person wrongly accused of murder, and her life on the run.

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A comedic primer on how to avoid a horrible end

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It worked. For the first time since … ever.

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Jennifer and her touring bicycle vanished in the New Mexico wasteland.

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Learning to hate dangerous foods

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The unlikely wisdom of rodents and pool noodles

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I’ve had enough abuse

Photo by Pascal Bernardon on Unsplash

The lies told about Aundria Bowman.

Aundria, a few months before she vanished. Photo Source: Facebook.

“Runaway train never going back / Wrong way on a one-way track”

Jean Campbell

Writer in true crime, humor and poetry. For more, check out my web page at https://jxcampbell.com

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