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  • Niki Morrell

    Niki Morrell

    Kiwi writer interested in the things that bind us together: other people. Humour. Creativity. The future. And sometimes businesss.

  • Gina Denny

    Gina Denny

    Writer, Ravenclaw, Educator, Speaker.

  • Captain Argentina

    Captain Argentina

    I didn’t want to join Medium but my wife made me do it, and I’m glad.

  • mo


    Simplify Self Care with mo Youtube channel https://bit.ly/3g2IHwP Simplifyselfcare.com 🙂 My goal is to help others Achieve Their Goals! Getting RESULTS!

  • ScottCDunn


    Husband, father, worker, philosopher, and observer. Plumbing the depths of consciousness to find the spring of happiness. Write on.

  • Steve Taylor

    Steve Taylor

    Steve is passionate about food, good drinks, politics, space and anything outdoors.

  • Thomas of Copenhagen

    Thomas of Copenhagen

    4x Top Writer | Ph.D. in Psychology | Join my mental health community with 4k members to learn how to conquer your mind: themighty.com/groups/conqueryourmind/

  • Maria Shimizu Christensen

    Maria Shimizu Christensen

    Writer. Maker. Deep believer in the power of reinventing yourself.

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