The FBI Most Wanted List

Mayhem, honor killings, and murder-for-hire

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Some say he died out there, but 72-year old Eugene K. Palmer is likely still on the run, living in Florida or Upstate New York and being hidden by his family.

On September 24, 2012, he ambushed and shot Tammy Palmer, who was then married to his son, John, not long after she threatened to divorce John and take the grandkids away. The couple lived in Stony Brook, NY, on property Gene Palmer owned.

He gunned the mother of two just after she dropped her kids off at the bus stop, then climbed into his pickup and drove a few miles away, only to abandon the vehicle and take off on foot. He was pursued by Rockland County deputies who brought in dogs.

A scent was found but the dogs hit a dead end and the trial went ice cold.

If Gene Palmer is still living, he would be 81-years old. He is the most recently added FBI Most Wanted fugitive.

The Worst of the Worst

As of February 8, 2021, 524 fugitives had been listed (only ten of them women) and 490 have been captured or located (94%), with 162 (31%) being arrested as the result of the public’s assistance.

A few, like Leslie Ibsen Rogge, turned themselves in once they realized they were on the Most Wanted list. Rogge, who robbed approximately 30 banks and stole over $2 million, surrendered in 1996 in Guatemala City. He is now incarcerated for life at a federal penitentiary in Oregon.

The current Most Wanted are all murderers, and all pose an ongoing threat to the public.

Robert William Fisher, family annihilator

Robert William Fisher is rumored to still be alive but there is a chance he committed suicide in the rugged wilderness of northern Arizona shortly after he killed his family.

He’s wanted for murdering his wife, Mary, and their two young children, Robert Jr. and Brittney, then blowing up the family home in Scottsdale, AZ in 2001.

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Fisher used a candle to set off a natural gas explosion, but didn’t stick around for the fireworks. He drove off to withdraw $280 in cash from a Scottsdale ATM. He headed north and pulled over in a vast pine forest, then ditched his truck and abandoned the family dog.

He could have found a cave and shot himself, but authorities believe it is more likely he escaped with the help of a female accomplice.

Rafael Caro Quintero, multiple drug-related murders

In 1985, Rafael Caro Quintero murdered four people. His victims died excruciating deaths. He served 28 years in a Mexican prison, but right after his release another arrest warrant was issued.

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DEA agent Enrique “Kiki” Salazar, a former US Marine, was abducted in the middle of the day on February 7, 1985 by corrupt Mexican officials working in tandem with a Mexican cartel headed by Quintero.

Salazar was transported to a house in the western part of Guadalajara, owned by Quintero, where he was tortured over a 30-hour period before being killed. Authorities reported the body showed signs of broken ribs, while the skull had been punctured with a metal object. He was found wrapped in plastic in a remote area in the state of Michoacán a month after his abduction.

Quintero was also held responsible for murdering his pilot, Afredo Zavala Avelar, a dentistry student named Alberto Radelat, and an American writer named John Clay Walker.

Walker, also a former decorated US Marine, was mistaken for an undercover agent along with his friend, Radelat. The two men accidentally walked into a room in a restaurant in Guadalajara where Quintero was holding a private party. They were taken to an empty storage room, tortured with ice-picks, and Walker was killed by blunt force trauma. Radelat was also brutalized and was still alive when buried.

The reward for Rafael Caro Quintero is currently $20 million.

Alexis Flores, rape and murder of a child

In July 2000, a five-year-old girl named Iriana DeJesus went missing from her home in Philadelphia. DNA found on a bloody shirt at the scene was later tied Alexis Flores, a 25-year old homeless drifter.

Flores is only 5'4" tall, weighing 130 to 140 pounds, and went by the name Carlos or Carlo at the time of his crime. He has also called himself Mario Flores, Mario F. Roberto, Alex Contreras, and Alesis Contreras.

Flores around the time of his crime. Photo sourc.

Because he didn’t give a DNA sample until 2002, when he was arrested for shoplifting in Arizona, Flores got away with murder. He was deported back to Honduras in June 2005.

In 2006, Flores’ DNA was uploaded to the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) and it matched the DNA from the T-shirt blood sample.

It is likely Flores will commit other violent and sexual crimes against children.

Bhadreshkumar Chetanbhai Patel, spousal murder

The charges against Kumar Patel are extensive. He is wanted for beating and stabbing his wife, Palak, to death in a Maryland Dunkin Donuts shop where they both worked on April 12, 2015. He’s been charged with first and second degree murder and first and second degree assault.

Kumar Patel, photo courtesy

He is a pleasant and ordinary looking young man of average build and height.

The couple were newlyweds in an arranged marriage who had taken the jobs only two weeks before. During a night shift, Patel persuaded his wife to go to the back of the shop. He then stabbed Palak to death around 9:30 p.m.

Moments earlier, Palak had been speaking to her family back in India about wanting to come home, as both of their visas had expired.

After Patel murdered his wife, he walked to his apartment, changed clothes and collected both his passport and cash. He checked into a Newark hotel near the airport at 3 a.m. The next morning, he went to New York’s Penn Station and disappeared into the crowd of thousands of travelers.

Alejandro Rosale Castillo, murder

Castillo has ties to Mexico but was born in the US. He is wanted for killing a co-worker in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2016. The victim, Ly Le, owned a vehicle that was found at a Phoenix bus station. Two days later, her body was discovered in a forest in Cabarrus County, which borders Charlotte. Ly Le had been shot in the head.

A third co-worker named Mia Feaster went on the run with Castillo, but she turned herself in to Mexican authorities in Aguascalientes on October 20, 2015.

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Castillo is the youngest most wanted fugitive, only 17 at the time of the murder. He has brown hair, brown eyes, and stands 5'6" tall. There is evidence he has traveled across the US/Mexican border and is associated with three states in Mexico: Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, or Veracruz.

Arnoldo Jimenez, spousal murder

Jimenez murdered his wife the day after their wedding, on May 12, 2012. He allegedly stabbed her to death in his vehicle, a late model Maserati, then carried her body into the bathtub of her apartment.

The murder occurred in Burbank, on the edge of southwest Chicago.

Jimenez, photo courtesy

The victim, Estrella Carrera, had two children — a 9-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, and a 2-year-old son with Jimenez. On the night of the murder, the two had gotten together with family and friends, then went to a nightclub. They returned home around 4 a.m. and got into an argument inside their vehicle.

Carrera’s body was discovered the next day, when family member’s went to check on her.

Jimenez is 6'0 tall and weighs 200–225 pounds. He is believed to be hiding in Durango, Reynosa, or Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Jason Derek Brown, bank robbery and murder

Jason brown loves to snowboard, ski and golf, in addition to riding motorcycles. He frequents nightclubs where he bathes in attention and shows off expensive vehicles and other glitzy toys.

He is wanted for murder during the commission of a robbery in Phoenix, Arizona. In November 2004, Brown allegedly attacked an armored car officer, shooting the guard five times in the head.

Brown left the scene on a bicycle, getting away with $56,000.

Brown about 20 years ago. Photo source.

Brown speaks fluent French and is well educated. He once practiced the Mormon faith. He is in his early fifties, with an average build, blond hair and green eyes.

In the past, Jason Brown has traveled to Mexico and France. He has ties to California, Arizona, and Utah, and there may have been a US sighting as recently as 2020 in Mansfield, Ohio.

Jose Rodolfo Villarreal-Hernandez, murder

Villareal-Hernandez has ties Monterrey and Mexico City.

He is wanted for involvement in a murder-for-hire plot against a 43-year old male victim in 2013 in Southlake, Texas on an arrest warrant issued in June 2018. It is believed that this fugitive currently works high up in the Beltran Leyva drug-trafficking operation associated with Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

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Villarreal-Hernandez and a crew planned and carried out the assassination of Juan Jesús Guerrero Chapa, an FBI informant, who was killed May 22, 2013 in Texas. He is believed to be have also committed multiple murders in Mexico.

He goes by the nickname “El Gato” and is armed and extremely dangerous. The FBI is offering a $1 million dollar reward for information leading to his capture.

Yaser Abdel Said, multiple murders

Said is Egyptian but landed in Irving, Texas — just outside Dallas — in 1983 when he was in his mid-twenties. He married at age 30 to a 15-year-old, Patricia, who claimed he abused her throughout their marriage. He worked as a taxi-driver, and fathered three children in total.

Said and Patricia had two daughters together, Amina and Sarah, born one year apart, as well as a son.

On New Year’s Day 2008, after Patricia had taken the girls to Tulsa to get away from Said, the husband and wife temporarily reconciled. He offered to take both his daughters, then aged 18 and 19, out to eat in his taxicab. He drove them to Irving and shot both of them, although Sarah had time to call 911 and beg for help.

Said and his daughers, Amina and Sarah. Photo source.

He was captured after a man who knew Said’s son called in a tip, leading to arrest in Justin, TX on August 26, 2020. Said’s son and brother were also charged for concealing a fugitive.

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